About Bioglow

Bioglow is a biotechnology company that developed the world's first autoluminescent (light producing) plants based on the work of molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Krichevsky. Dr. Krichevsky’s original work was first published in this 2010 article in PLoS One, an international, peer-reviewed science journal. Bioglow is continuously working at increasing the light output emitted by autoluminescent plants. The company’s vision is to develop novel ornamental plant varieties and green alternatives to electricity-consuming light sources. Bioglow is headquartered at the Bio-Research & Development Growth (BRDG) Park at the Danforth Plant Science Center, St Louis, MO, USA.

The history of glowing plants

During the past three decades several plants have been described as having a glowing effect. However, these plants were either painted with dye, required chemicals or needed ultraviolet (UV) light to induce a temporary light emission effect. Bioglow’s plants are the first autonomously luminescent, or autoluminescent, plants that emit light on their own without the need for chemicals or UV light. Similar to fireflies and other luminous organisms found in nature, the autoluminescent plant’s light emission machinery is encoded on a cellular level allowing the plant to constantly emit visible light during its life cycle. Bioglow’s work is dedicated to bringing a cleaner, sustainable and affordable plant-based light alternatives to the world.

Bioglow’s story

Starlight Avatar™ in light
Starlight Avatar™ in dark

The natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, the biological mechanisms found in nature that produce light, have fascinated Bioglow’s founder Dr. Alexander Krichevsky for many years. Dr. Krichevsky studied both bioluminescence of marine bacteria and molecular biology of plants, and at the intersection of these two disciplines the idea of a glowing plant has emerged. Convinced that glowing plants will be a striking horticultural innovation that could lead to cleaner and more sustainable light, Dr. Krichevsky set out of turn his vision to reality. He reached out to his friend Tal Eidelberg, a technology entrepreneur, to assist in forming an organization and shortly after Bioglow was created with Dr. Krichevsky at the helm. Following several years of research and development the first glowing plants were created. The significance of this groundbreaking discovery was, that for the first time it was shown that plants could emit light on their own. In his writings Dr. Krichevsky described these novel plants as “autonomously luminescent” or “autoluminescent” for short. The findings from Dr. Krichevsky’s work were published in the international, peer-reviewed science journal PLoS One in a 2010 article titled “Autoluminescent Plants”. Boasting a successful, yet dimly lit prototype, Bioglow proceeded to focus its efforts on increasing the light output strength of autoluminescent plants. In December 2013 Bioglow announced the first commercially available ornamental glowing plant named Starlight Avatar™. The name was selected to illustrate the subtle, starlight-like glow of the plants. Dr. Krichevsky continues his work in improving Bioglow’s plants and pursuing the vision of creating new and exciting ornamental plant varieties and more sustainable, cleaner and affordable light sources.

Company leadership

Alex Krichevsky

Dr. Alex Krichevsky, Ph.D., MBA.
Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Krichevsky holds a PhD in molecular biology and an MBA in finance and is the inventor of the autoluminescent plant. Prior to founding Bioglow, Dr. Krichevsky held an Assistant Research Professor position at the State University of New York where he completed his postdoctoral work. As Bioglow’s chief scientist Krichevsky oversees all of the company’s research and development activities.



Tal Eidelberg

Tal Eidelberg
co-founder, Bioglow board of directors

Eidelberg is the founder & CEO of software technology firm Intrigma Inc., a leading healthcare staff scheduling and productivity firm. He is a technology entrepreneur with a computer science background. Eidelberg assisted in the formation of Bioglow and continues to serve on the company’s board of directors. Eidelberg advises and serves on the boards of various nonprofit and commercial science, technology, and healthcare organizations.

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