Starlight Avatar


Bioglow’s Starlight Avatar™ Variety - the world’s first autoluminescent glowing plant.

Sunlight or Starlight?

Starlight Avatar™ in cultivation box in light
Starlight Avatar™ in cultivation box in dark
The glow of Starlight Avatar™ is best described as comparable in strength to starlight. The plant’s dim ambient glow can be best appreciated in a darkened room typically requiring a few minutes for one’s eyes to adapt to the darkness before the plant's glow is fully pronounced. To enjoy viewing the glow of Starlight Avatar™, it is important to keep in mind that human eye’s ability to see dim lights is strongly affected by the amount of light the eyes have been exposed to immediately prior as well as the age of the observer. For example, walking into a dark room from a sunny outdoors afternoon may require a longer acclimation period for one’s eyes to adapt than during the evening hours. Therefore depending on age and prior light exposure certain individuals may be able to see the plant's glow right away while others will require a few minutes. After the initial glow of the plant is visible, the plant’s features and glowing parts become increasingly more prominent as the eyes continue to adjust.

Plant life cycle, shipment and transfer to a pot

Cultivation box with a plant
Starlight Avatar™, Bioglow’s first glowing plant variety, has a lifespan of two to three months. The plants are shipped in transparent plastic cultivation boxes grown on a nutrient-rich gel (see picture). A Starlight Avatar™ will grow until it fills up its cultivation box and can then be transferred to a pot and grown to the end of its life cycle. Instructions for pot transfer are provided with each plant. It is important to know that humidity inside the cultivation box is at 100% and the plant is susceptible to water shock when transferred to a pot. On average about half of the plants we tested successfully survived the transfer and we therefore recommend you contact us if you have any challenges transferring your Starlight Avatar™ plant to a pot. It is recommended to keep the plant in its cultivation box until the plant fills up the box, to allow for development of a strong root system and plant acclimation to local light levels. The plant’s glow is visible in the cultivation box and improves with transfer to pots due to open access to atmospheric oxygen.

Growth conditions
Optimal conditions for Starlight Avatar™ growth are a temperature of 75-80F (25-26C) and light intensity of 5,000-10,000 lux (about 1/3 of direct sunlight intensity). If you chose to place your Starlight Avatar™ on a windowsill or in a greenhouse exposed to direct sunlight, please use the provided netting as direct sunlight exposure will likely damage the plant within days. Starlight Avatar™ is an indoor plant and is unlikely to survive in an open garden due to strong susceptibility to a variety of abiotic conditions, particularly light and water shock.

Product availability

Bioglow’s efforts are currently focused on production of next generation of brighter and improved glowing plants, to become available in the near future. For product launch dates please follow announcements on this website.

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