Plant based light and the vision for clean, sustainable energy

Bioglow is proud to bring innovation and novel plant varieties to the horticultural and ornamental plant industries. The company is currently working on producing additional glowing plant varieties and enhancing the light output of future Bioglow plants. Currently Bioglow plants emit blue-green colored light and additional colors including yellow and red may be introduced in the future. The company’s vision is for glowing plants to be used as a clean, sustainable and affordable source of lighting. Potential uses could include lighting of back yards and marking the sides of driveways and highways. These new varieties will provide for reduction in use of electricity and fossil fuels.

Artwork by Dan Saunders

In a distant perspective we foresee generation of plants with differential color light scheme where, for instance, petals will be glowing one color and leaves another. There are multiple additional uses for Bioglow’s technology besides ornamental plants. Autoluminescent plants can be engineered to light up in response to environmental or natural cues, such as pollution or stress, and may serve as effective sensors to protect the environment and agricultural crops.

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